How many years can EnergyRebate go back to recover utility company overcharges?

It varies by utility company, customer, and type of error. We’ve experienced rebates up to 15 years, but three to five years is most common.

What does “future savings” really mean?

We estimate the savings prior to making any changes and then compute the actual savings based on your actual usage after we’ve adjusted your account. EnergyRebate no longer invoices for any future savings. You keep it all.

Will I be able to understand the amount of my actual savings going forward each month?

Yes! We provide you with a simple spreadsheet showing your actual monthly savings.

Does “future savings” mean we have to switch to another energy supplier or install special energy-saving equipment?

Absolutely not! However, it may require the utility company to install a new meter — free of any charge to you.

What effect does it have on my future savings if I am buying my electricity or natural gas from an alternate supplier?

None! Future savings relates only to the regulated charges from your local utility company.

Is the utility company under any obligation to provide me with the lowest cost for my electricity or natural gas?


When will I receive my first future savings EnergyRebate invoice?

When we complete our load profile, execute all the changes necessary with the utility company, and after you receive your first actual post-change usage reading from the utility company.

What happens to my future electric and natural gas savings?

EnergyRebate no longer takes a percentage of future savings, even the first two years. The customer (you) keeps 100% of them, right from the get-go!

Has energy deregulation affected the success rate of EnergyRebate utility bill audits?

Yes. We have experienced higher success rates for our customers since deregulation was introduced.

Can I talk with other customers who have benefitted financially from EnergyRebate utility bill audits?

Yes, by all means. We have been providing this service since 1992 and would be happy to put you in touch with other satisfied EnergyRebate customers.